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First Question, Why Film Books?
Unfortunately there are not a lot of books written about sound design for radio drama or audio theater. While what we do is not exactly the same as film, there is a lot of crossover in the techniques and the thinking that can apply to both. Audio Theater, after all, is creating the sound tracks for mind movies. We have to be very careful to provide some of the same realism of film, while not putting in extraneous noises that the script does not call for. Where we find these sounds or how we create these sounds can use many of the same techniques of film production.

I have also found that reading about film sound helps to move me outside the box and consider many different angles of using sound effects.

Sound for Picture
An Inside Look At Audio Production For Film and Television - 1993
The art of sound design in film and television - 2000

Two books of reprints from Mix Magazine. These articles, spanning some years, take a back side look into what went into making the sound track for various movies. Some articles focus more on the sfx, some on the music, but all provide an interesting insight.

ISBN 0-7935-2002-9
ISBN 0-87288-724-3

Sound for Picture covers

Practical Art of Motion Picture Sound

Over 500 pages of details, history, applications and enjoyable reading about creating sound for motion pictures. Techniques of organization, foley effects and more. Includes a cd with alignment tones, an exercise in the evolution of a sound track custome recording and layering examples, adr and more.

David Lewis Yewdall,
Practical Art of Motion Picture Sound (second edition),
Focal Press, 2003
ISBN 0-240-80525-9

Interviews with Creators of Film Sound
Vincent LoBRUTTO

280 pages of interviews....
Jack Solomon, Arthur Piantadosi,Don Rogers, Frank Warner, Richard Portman, Norval Crutcher, Ross Taulor and Kitty Malone, JIm Webb, Walter Murch, Paul Zydel, Daniel Allan Carlin, Les Lazarowitz Michael DiCosimo and Robert Warren, Ben Burtt, Elisha Birnbaum, Richard Anderson, Fom Flieschman, Cecelia Hall, Tomlinson Holman, Juno Ellis, Frank Serafine, Gary Rydstorm, Wylie Stateman, Skip Lievsay, and Mark Mangini.

Praeger, Westport, Connecticut and London ISBN 0-275-94443-3 (pbk)