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Trade Articiles   Additional Background Material

Trade Articles about sound design.

You may find some of these articles on sound design interesting. Many are from the film world, but much of the sound design technique is the same. Suggestions of other useful sites are welcome.

Mix Magazine - Harry Potter Sound Track

Studio Sound - Harry Potter sound design.

Jack Foley, feet of the stars

An Undervalued Art: The Craft of Sound

The Art of Sound Effects   (History)

Sound Design for sci-fi Films    Article about different movies.


Film Sound

Video Clips

Sound Ideas Sound Design
The Wilhelm Scream 1977 - 2007
Gary Rydstrom Interview

SD in Films:
Rob Nokes, Supervising Sound Editor, "The Sound of Miracle" Rob Nokes Recording Figure Skating for "Blades of Glory" Elephants Dream - sound design remake

Additional Material

Film Sound Bibliography
Articles on Sound Design by Randy Thom  *
Cinema Audio Society
Game Audio Design - Gamasutra
A D V E N T U R E S in C Y B E R S O U N D
Dr. Alan Beck's writings
THE SOUNDTRACK: A basic Introduction  (Film)
Pre synthesizer electronic effects. Oskar Sala, a German composer and physicist was the inventor of the Mixtur Trautonium, a novel musical instrument that produced the sound effects for Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" among others.

Other Readings:

Mixing with Headphones
Headphones for monitors

World Forum For Acoustic Ecology
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    Is Radio Blind or Invisible? A Call for a Wider Debate on Listening-in
    Listening to radio plays: fictional soundscapes
    Keep Your Ear-Lids Open


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