The Seeing Ear Theater

Three Odd Comedies
    by Terry Bisson They're Made Out of Meat, The Toxic Donu and Next

Into the Sun

Think Like a Dinosaur

The Death of Captain Future

A Clean Escape

The Bigger One

ISBN 0 7871 1813 3 NewStar publishing - Out of Print

George and the Red Giant

The Oblivion Syndrome

Wanted in Surgery

The Flat Edge of the Earth

Too Late: An Experiment in Sount Theatre

ISBN 0 7871 1875 3 NewStar publishing - Out of Print

Oson the Alien!
    The Untold Story Behind The War of the Worlds
written by Terry Bission, Brian Smith and George Zarr

Daughter Earth
    Written by James Morrow

The First (and Last) Musical on Mars
    Written and Composed by George Zarr

ISBN 0 7871 1878 8 NewStart publishing - Out of Print

NewStar publishing was an imprint of Dove Audio, both of which are now out of business.
As of July 2002, what little remaining stock of this product was sold off to a clearance house.
Quantities were less than a dozen.